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HeadquartersWilno, Second Republic of Poland
ProductsRadio receivers
RevenueUS$1 million
Number of employees
Elektrit factory in 1938

Elektrit Radiotechnical Society (Polish: Towarzystwo Radiotechniczne „ELEKTRIT”) was the largest privately owned company in Wilno, Second Republic of Poland (now Vilnius, Lithuania) (1925–39).[1]

With over 1100 workers, the society produced approximately 50 thousand radio receivers annually.[1] A large percentage of the production was exported abroad, mostly to Sweden, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.[1] The annual turnover exceeded US$1 million.[1] Elektrit proved to be a very successful company and soon became a leading radio manufacturer in Poland.

Following the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, Wilno was occupied by the Soviet Union and the company was nationalized.[1] In 1940 the factory was hastily dismantled and transported to Minsk, where the "Vyacheslav Molotov" Radio Factory was set up.[1] After the war the plant was renamed Minsk Radio and Television Association "Horizont" (Horizon). It produced "Minsk" radio receivers, being copies of Polish pre-war models but with Soviet tube set.

The former Elektrit buildings in Vilnius were used for the Kailis forced labor camp during the German occupation[2] and by a secret Soviet radio factory of the Ministry of Aviation Industry, known as PO Box 555.[3]


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54°40′38″N 25°16′1″E / 54.67722°N 25.26694°E / 54.67722; 25.26694